Our Team

A New Coach

We have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of a new coach, however, this has been delayed due to Covid travel restrictions.  We anticipate that she can join our coaching team by the end of the 2021 year.

Olga Shilenkova

Competitive Coach

At the age of 6 years old, Olga began her gymnastics career in Smarhon, Belarus in acrobatic gymnastics and then switched a year later, when she realized her new passion for...
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Adeena Cox

Adeena started rhythmic gymnastics at the age of 5 and quickly developed a love for the sport. She has trained as a provincial level athlete under Julie Levasseur and current head...
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Mackenzie Bell


Mackenzie began her gymnastics career at the age of 6 in recreational programming. She transitioned into competitive at the age of 13 and trained for two seasons  as both an individual athlete as well as a group athlete. She was coached by former head coach Anya Patlosova and was a...
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